Welcome to Qnect -- 

256 event organising teams use Qnect to easily manage, sell more and grow their member base. A growing 50,000 users discover events through where their colleagues have bought tickets to, meet friends and chat with other guests or group members, as well as instantly pay for memberships, merchandise, and tickets via the Qnect mobile app or website.

Philosophy - People:

Current ticketing systems miss the thought process of a bunch of friends deciding to go event, and end up being like every other ticketing portal, simply to pay. Qnect is a lot more than just a ticketing portal - A social network and ticketing platform combined - the way it should've been.

Fast Facts:
  • Founded - Sydney, February 2016.
  • Team Size - 6 (3 Engineering, 3 Growth)
  • Founders - Daniel Liang (21), Ryan Chen (21)
  • Global - 2 countries
  • Industry - E-Commerce, Payments, Ticketing, Marketplace, Social
Founder Story

Daniel is 21 years old, and began Qnect at 18 at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), with some uni friends.
  • During high school at the age of 17, Daniel hired out a venue (illegally underage) and sold out his first event, the HSC Blowout for uni-entrance exam finishers, with over 2,000 in attendance, and earning a lump sum of cash.
  • Capitalising on his first success, he went on to organise weekly Friday and Satuday nightclub events at Pontoon Darling Harbour.
  • Being an Event Organiser, hosting events regularly, Daniel saw his sales declined, whilst marketing costs increased.
  • He realised that people came in groups - the biggest influencer of whether friends buy tickets and actually walk through the door. It wasn't how much marketing you do, but the fact that you know your friends have gotten tickets too - He also met people during his events, and wished there was a way to see all the faces on an app, and directly chat with them before, inside the nightclub and after - where the idea of Qnect as a dating app originally started.
  • He then contacted Ryan (his room-mate) who had a passion to re-invent payment systems with automation and digital currency.
Latest Milestones:
  • Transaction Volume in Uni Societies: $1.4M USD in transaction in  10 months.
  • Teams - 256 university society teams in AU now use Qnect to sell tickets, memberships and merchandise .
  • Userbase - 50,000 students now use Qnect  
  • Operations - 11 universities in AU (Bris, Melb, Syd, Perth, Adelaide) (Now expanding across HK Campuses!)
  • Latest Funding - Raised mid-late 2016 (unannounced) $500K USD in Angel round from Click Ventures + angels in July 2016 (Invested in Spotify, Meetup, DocuSign and Palantir)
  • Launching in HK - National Growth Partnership signed with AIESEC HK, StartupGrind, 1 week ago.